Disney World!?!?

Hello fellow nerdy parental units! Today I want to talk to you about my wife and I’s favorite place. Disney World! For years my wife and I would take our yearly vacation there with out our kids. If you haven’t tried it I suggest it. So the real question is when do you bring your kids. Now this may sound crazy but we brought our oldest and this November our youngest when they were 2. Yes I know it sounds crazy but just hear me out.

Yes when they are that little they may not remember their experiences, but you will. I guarantee you will boy forget that moment you turn the corner and see the castle for the first time. Then when they meet their favorite character is a moment that will bring tears to your eyes.

Now if your Youngling is still in diapers don’t worry. Each park has a baby center where you can find everything and anything you could ever want or need!

So if you ever thought about taking your little one to Disney World I say DO IT! It will be a memory you will never forget.

So let me know if you took your Youngling to Disney.

Oh and PS your Youngling is FREE till they are 3


Adventure with our Fangirls!!!

I must start with apologizing on not posting sooner, but here it is. The exciting a venture to Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.

If you have never been and live in the area or are planing a trip to Galveston you must put this on your to-do list. This is a location that you and your younglings could easily spend all day at.

We began our day at the aquarium which is newly renovated and our Fangirls had so much fun

They loved seeing each of the different areas broken up by ecological location and the staff was wonderful who were spread though out with different items the girls could touch.

Then the Rainforest is AMAZING! Birds everywhere roaming the area and even a monkey! You begin in the canopy and work your way to the forest floor exploring different rainforests around the world.

We did so much that day and Moody Gardens offers so much I could go on and on for hours. So I suggest checking their website Moody Gardens and see all they offer. I suggest a day pass and explore and experience everything they have to offer.

May the Force and adventure be with you

Express Your Fandom

Hello fellow nerdy parental units! Remember those days when your parents took you to the store to pick out your new backpack for the school year? Those were the days. Now we are older and have entered the corporate world and with that comes suits and looking “professional”. But that doesn’t mean we have to leave out our fandoms.

To those who know me personaly know I am not afraid to express my fandom in every aspect of my life. Even my car looks like Poe Dameron bought it from Lando’s star ship dealership.

But what about those days where I have to suit up. There are so many options today with companies like Lounge Fly and Cufflinks.com and BioWorld that allow us to express our fandom. With that I have found that more and more people are becoming more comfortable expressing fandom. 

More recently I discovered “tactical patches” basically it’s a rubber patch instead of embroidered. So I decided to express my fandom at work by glueing on on my work backpack. 

Just another way I can show off my love for Star Wars in a subtle way. 

So how do you show off your fandom at work? Let me know! 

May the Force and you Fandom be with you

Comic solution

Hello fellow comic collecting geekling parental units!!! Today I want to share one of my solutions to that vast collections of wonderful art and stories also known as comic books. 

If you are like me and your youngling is still in diapers you probably see a box like this every few weeks  Well I discovered something. That diaper box that you throw out is the perfect size for comics! 

But packing your comics is boring, so my oldest youngling and I had a little fun. If you a long time reader you know for some reason I always seem to use duct tape for everything. So of course we have to use it today as well.  But that’s just we used. You could always use paint, fabric, modpodge, or what ever your favorite material is. The idea is to reuse that box you were sending to a landfill and make it your own! 

So be sure to show off your new comic box on twitter and remember. 

May the Force and your Younglings be with you! 

Watching Kid Shows

Hello fellow parental units! So I know we have all pressed our favorite kid shows on our kids, but I have an idea. My wife and I cut the cord on our cable for about a year and rely on Netflix for our shows. Recently what I have been doing is if I have to do something around the house I let my oldest Fangirl pick the show.

I know it sounds scary. Let’s face it there are some pretty weird stuff on Netflix. Though sometimes these shows turn into something even you will want to watch.

i could give out a list of shows my Fangirls have found but instead I will give you our most recent discovery. Barbie: Life in the Dream House. Yes dads I said Barbie, but this show is hilarious. There are a lot of incidences that the show actually makes fun of Barbie. They bring out “human” size items, the tables flip to reveal new items, applying those pesky decals, and bring up articulation. But my favorite thing they do is all the references to pop culture. So far I have seen references to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Back to the Future.

The best of all that’s just one example of the shows my Fangirls have found that we now watch together. So make sure your kids homework is done, cuddle up on the  couch, and check out something new!

Don’t forget to share what y’all discover!


May the Forth be with you

Hello fellow Jedi nights, Rebel Pilots, and Sith Lords. So my favorite day is coming! No, not Christmas, it’s Star Wars day! In my home this is a big day. Seriously, I take this day off every year. Why? The sales. Nearly every store now a days has a sale and or exclusive merch. And I mean everyone. Even my local grocery store will have an entire table in the bakery with Star Wars cup cakes.

For me and my Younglings we have our tradition. Wake up early head to the Galleria, open the Disney store (exclusives and free pin) then the Lego store! (Exclusive) this year Halmark has an exclusive itty bitty. So we might throw that in as well.

Then the rest of our day is spent at home. Playing games, watching the films or tv shows.

This year it’s a little sad, because my Padawan has been my co-pilot every year since she was born. And next year she starts school. Yes I have her sister and she will be with me for a few more years before she also goes off to school. But we are talking about a 5 year tradition.

In all I love this day. Not just because all the stuff I get, but the time I get to spend with my younglings.

So what are you doing on May the Forth? And be sure to follow our adventure on Twitter!

May the Force and exclusives be with you


So I am so excited I have to write it now! I can’t hold in my excitement. Disney and Lucas Film has announced a new animated series of shorts “Star Wars: Force of Destiny”  IMG_0211A whole cartoon series revolving around our favorite heroines of the Star Wars universe!

So boys take the back seat, the girls are taking the wheel. As a proud father of two fangirls I’m excited about watching my girls learn more about the great roll models in the fandom I love so much. Best of all there’s TOYS.

I have no true reference to size but they look about Barbie suze and my oldest is supper excited about Chewbacca!

Let me know what y’all think! Are y’all going to tune in! Let us know